Tanya Smith

I have been a women’s portrait photographer since 2011 and fell in love with how a boudoir session can change the way a woman sees herself.

I have a background in corporate banking and sales, but still, I tried to figure everything out on my own. After years of struggle, I started investing in my education and worked with mentors, and took courses. I am constantly learning everything I can about running a successful boudoir business.  I have grown my studio to bring in mid-6-figures in sales, and my average sale has grown to over $5000 per client.

Since 2017, I have been mentoring and coaching other boudoir photographers one-on-one who want to grow their business.

My online business education has helped hundreds of portrait photographers from all over the world, in every genre, grow and scale their own businesses.

Visit https://www.profitableportraits.com to learn more and how you can join The Society –  a business education monthly membership to show you my complete systems for growing a multiple 6 figure business.


Does the thought of raising your prices make you sweat? Join Tanya Smith, who has some really unique (and simple) ways to structure your price list for profit. You will learn how and why you need to charge more for your photography and you will learn the biggest mistake you are probably making when raising your prices….and what to do about it.

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