“Beauty is beauty, and often frighteningly subjective. However, the perception of strength is directly objective. When an image comes across as strong, as powerful, there is something more to the shot than simply beauty. For me, beauty is the delivery as I enjoy experiencing it, but strength is the intent as I enjoy capturing it.”

Ron “Nino” Batista is a photographer, writer, musician and overall creative whose work is regularly seen in lifestyle publications the world over. He is regarded as the premier model photography, retouching and artist development coaching educator based in the United States.


Color Grading

Join Nino as he talks COLOR! About all the different tools available in Photoshop to color grade with (and there are almost endless amounts), but also the philosophy of color, why he grades the way he does, and what color can do to help you attain your vision in your work. 

Skin Retouching Livestream

Join Nino for a livestream on Photoshop skin retouching, and you’ll discover how he works hard to make it easier to understand. His teaching style is all about simplifying the process


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