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  • Meet Bethany Johs, a seasoned portrait and boudoir photographer with a remarkable 40-year background in the realms of art and design. With 13 years dedicated specifically to the art of photography, Bethany brings a wealth of creative expertise to every session.

    Bethany's journey in the world of art and design began four decades ago, and her evolution as an artist has been both profound and inspiring. Throughout her career, she has honed her skills, starting with drawing and painting, and eventually delving deep into graphic and web design. This diverse artistic background beautifully informs her unique and captivating photography style.

    What sets Bethany apart is her commitment to empowering experiences for women. Approaching each photography session as an opportunity to celebrate and highlight the authenticity of her subjects, she creates an environment where women not only feel comfortable but truly empowered. The result is a collection of portraits that go beyond mere images, capturing the spirit and beauty of each individual.

    Continuing her journey, Bethany shares her experiences building a business in a sparsely populated state through education and coaching. Seeing a need for experienced retouchers in the boudoir industry, she also started a retouching service in late 222.

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