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  • I’ve been a professional photographer for nearly 20 years, but have reinvented my studio to reflect what I believe is my true purpose in life.

    After going through a major life change in 2016 when I lost my life and business partner, I learned that life is precious. It took time, healing, and traveling the world for a year with my camera, shooting for myself and not for others. My craft helped pull me out of the darkness. It helped teach me new ways to find joy in the small things.

    As I rebuilt myself and my new life, I paid close attention to where the light and darkness intersected—figuratively and literally in life and my art. My camera became my tool to illustrate this delicate balance that I could feel in my bones. I rediscovered myself through these experiences which taught me to savor every sweet morsel of the NOW. The gifts that came from this chapter of life have prepared me to provide a truly one-of-a-kind collaboration with my clients that bonds us in a unique way. I deeply cherish these genuine relationships, as do my ideal clients.

    Through my rebuilding after loss, I learned a lot of ways to love and celebrate myself and life—which I encourage my clients to embrace through a unique journey that is so much more than pretty pictures.

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  • Boudoir, Male Boudoir, Couples, Maternity
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