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  • Hello! I’m Christen and can’t wait to meet you! But first, here is a little bit about me.

    I have been thru so many changes in my life; wife, mother, nurse, photographer, business owner, grandmother! I am finally able to look at myself and my body and really appreciate it for all it has done for me and, more importantly, for exactly how it is right now. I am not going to lie, it has been a journey to get to this point. There have been times where I hated my body and how it looked. There have been times I loved it. And now, finally, I have an absolute admiration and appreciation for all of it! Yes, even the cellulite and the scars. You see, they tell the story of my life. They tell how I have lived! The stretchmarks are faded reminders of my beautiful children I carried. The scars tell stories all their own, most about how clumsy I am. The cellulite is a reminder that I am blessed with a rich diet often shared with loved ones.

    My personal boudoir photos show all of these imperfections in all their glory! They tell my story while showing my beauty in a way a traditional portrait cannot. In order to capture these photos I had to be venerable, open, and courageous. I had to take off the masks I wear to protect myself, not just my clothes. It has been a life changing experience, boudoir. I challenge myself to photograph myself once a month. It is getting better, and so much easier, but each time is a transformative experience. This is why I absolutely love boudoir! I love the opportunity to photograph real, everyday women and show them they are absolutely perfect just how they are.

    Society has put so many unrealistic ideas in our heads about how we should look and act. I love just sitting down with a woman, one on one, and getting to know a little bit of her story, then photographing her essence. A real woman. A strong, empowered, feminine woman! I want to know you. I want to know your story. I want to show you how perfect you are!

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