Denise Birdsong: Images With & Without Emotion

Clients are constantly bombarded with imagery everywhere and with new technology, photographers are popping up left and right. It is no wonder that photographers are always on the search for the newest tactic that they think will help them stand out from the crowd.

To stand out from the sea of photographers you have to find your true authentic voice as an artist. You have to step out of the cookie cutter mold of what you think you should be creating and instead practice your craft with intention and the skill to breathe life into everything that you create.

Denise will show you images with and without emotion, why emotive images are important and actionable tips to improve your work.

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Denise Birdsong

Denise Birdsong is an award-winning wedding, portrait and boudoir photographer from the San Francisco Bay Area. Through her experiences as a dancer and model, Denise mastered the fine art of communication and storytelling through body language and facial expression. Emotion is what makes portrait photography truly standout, and it’s usually the missing component for most photographers. Denise is passionate about teaching her master photography students her signature methodology that takes them to the next level of their craft.


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