AI in Photography – Ally or Threat

AI in Photography, Threat or Ally? with Justin Benson, Aftershoot

AI is everywhere these days, it’s hard not to get lost in the noise of it.


Justin Benson of Aftershoot joins us this Thursday to help us cut through the noise and showcase the best way to integrate AI in your photography workflow, with automated culling & editing.

Get insights on how to streamline your processes, enhance your creative output, and make more time for what truly matters.

AfterShoot frees you from spending hours at your computer culling photos and gets you back doing what you love to do best; taking photos! It is an AI software that helps you by selecting the best images from a grouping of photos. AfterShoot will flag duplicate images, blinks, blurred photos, or photos with poor composition to a separate folder with a few clicks.

Visit the Aftershoot website to learn more at


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