AIBP Weekly Choice Winner 8/27/21

Aug 31, 2021

We are happy to announce the return of the AIBP Weekly Choice Image Competition!

This week, we are honored to have Nino Batista judging and reviewing the winning image.

A bit about Ron “Nino” Batista. He is a photographer, musician and overall creative whose work is regularly seen in lifestyle publications the world over. Nino is regarded as the premier model photography, retouching and artist development coaching educator based in the United States.

And the Weekly Choice Winner is…..

Weekly Choice Winner 8.27.21.jpg

Misty Boles from Misty Boles Intimate Photography based out of Helena, Montana.

From the desk of Nino, “The angles and lines here just make the shot! There is a sense of sensuality with a commercial vibe, and the impact of the red sheet with black lingerie will sell the final storytelling here. It’s clearly very sensual, maybe even a little naughty, and the mood is spot on. Love this!”e.

CL 1.jpg

1st Runner up this week is Craig Lamere of Craig Lamere Photography based out of Pocatello, Idaho.

Comments from Nino, “Almost a figure study, in some ways, but still a hugely emotional shot! Everything is in place, there is a serenity I really love about it, but still sensual and with all the right geometry and vibe. Post approach is nice, too, with the tinted monochrome working super well to really define the mood.”


2nd runner up go to Peter Driessel of Boudoir Fusion Photography based out of Randpark Ridge, South Africa.

Wise words of Nino on this image, “That’s a bold pose to work with in a bedroom, and in that outfit! This is glamorous, powerful and sexy af. There’s a story here, and it captures a strong moment. Red gloves as an accent color are a great choice, as it wraps up this shot with a final sexy touch.”

Congratulation to the Weekly Choice Winner, Misty Boles Intimate Photography and the 2 runner ups, Craig Lamere Photography & Boudoir Fusion Photography. We look forward to seeing more amazing work from you and other AIBP Members.

Be sure to check back next week for another installment of Weekly Choice!

Are you interested in learning more about AIBP and how to be eligible to win a Weekly Choice? Visit our AIBP membership page to learn more.


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