Weekly Choice sponsored by UAF Photo Labs 3.25.22

Mar 30, 2022

We are happy to announce this week’s winner of the AIBP Weekly Choice Image Competition sponsored by UAF Photo Lab.

This week’s choices were selected by Shawn Black of Couture Black based out of Boston, MA. He has been photographing boudoir for over 8 years and is the President of AIBP. He is looking forward to continuing to push the boudoir genre forward.

And the Weekly Choice Winner is…..

Laura Robinson | Ellarre Boudoir

Congratulations to Laura Robinson from Ellarre Boudoir based in Minneapolis, MN.

Shawn’s comments on this photo “This image reminds me of the art hanging in our suite at the Cosmopolitan hotel in Vegas. It is striking. I love the very slim focal plane that includes the cuffs and the texture on her skin before rapidly falling off. The lighting is exquisite in both accentuating her curves and drawing the eye to the highlighted details in the frame. Lastly the choice to leave texture in the retouch is perfect.”

Jess Goins | SBB Studios

1st runner up this week is Jess Goins from SBB Studios.

Shawn’s thoughts on this image. “The lighting in this image to create the implied nude is perfectly executed. The subtle highlights along her ribs and breast to provide detail and shape add to the stark contrast between the black and white extremes. I also appreciate getting to see her expression and just a hint of her eyes. ”

Stephanie Nivens | Boudoir Unleashed

2nd runner up this week is Stephanie Nivens from Boudoir Unleashed based in Nashville, TN.

Shawn’s comments “The foreground elements that obstruct the view offer a voyeuristic feel to this image which pairs well with her expression and pose. The lighting is nice where here face is the focus, but it all displays her ink nicely.”

Congratulations to the Weekly Choice Image Competition sponsored by UAF Photo Lab winner Ellarre Boudoir! Congratulations also to the runner up images from SBB Studios & Boudoir Unleashed.  We look forward to seeing more amazing work from you and more AIBP members!

Be sure to check back next week for another installment of Weekly Choice!

Also, if you haven’t yet checked out latest publication of PHILOSOPHIE boudoir, it’s time to!

Are you interested in learning more about AIBP and how to be eligible to win a Weekly Choice? Visit our AIBP membership page to learn more.


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