Nov 26, 2022

We are happy to announce this week’s winner AIBP Weekly Choice Image Competition sponsored by UAF Photo Lab.

Our guest judge this week is Kiati Plooksawasdi. Kiati is a Sponsored Educator with UAF Photo Lab, an award Winning Boudoir Portrait and Dance Photographer at Kiati Plooks Photography based in Ellicott City, MD.

He’s passionate about creating beautiful art through the lens and helping entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams of starting up a business and becoming successful!  Kiati loves to educate, whether it is the art of photography, light, posing and editing or on developing their business strategies he is always willing to spend time to help. To learn more about Kiati’s educational offerings, visit Kiati Plooks Photography.

And the Weekly Choice Winner is…..

Romain Deprick | Maestro VII

Congratulations to Romain Deprick owner and photographer at Maestro VII based in Orange County, CA.

Kiati’s comments on this winning image, “I was initially drawn to this image by the connection the subject instantly creates with her gaze. The use of shadows and light was perfectly executed as well as the choice to create this in black and white. This image personifies pure simple elegance. Well done!”

Andrew Felix | By Felix

1st runner up goes to Andrew Felix owner and photographer at By Felix based in Melbourne Austrailia.

Kiati’s comments on this runner up image, “Anonymous shots are some of my favorite shots to create. The pose is perfectly executed for this shot to highlight her body and tattoos and I love how the light accents the lines and curves of her body. Finally, you can’t but appreciate the details with the sunglasses hooked into her thong. Suns Out Buns Out!”

Scott Pierson | Magicc Imagery

2nd runner up image goes to Scott Pierson from Magicc Imagery based out of Washington DC

Kiati’s comments on this image, “You can feel all the emotions of the moment come through in this image. I love the use of
negative space as well as the use of light to frame out her figure. The cool tones fit the mood
and the vibe of the image perfectly.”


Congratulations to the Weekly Choice Image Competition sponsored by UAF Photo Lab winner Maestro VII! Congratulations also to the runner up images from By Felix & Magicc Imagery We look forward to seeing more amazing work from you and more AIBP members!

Be sure to check back next week for another installment of Weekly Choice!

Are you interested in learning more about AIBP and how to be eligible to win a Weekly Choice? Visit our AIBP membership page to learn more.


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