The Traveling Dress_International Boudoir

Jan 30, 2020

We did it!

We were on a mission to shine our AIBP members’ creative talents.

We decided to introduce a dress that made it’s way around North America to different members and let them put their own spin on photographing the dress. We also introduced a second dress due to high demand.

But enough of my babble, let’s check out the talent.

Dress #1

Molly Freund, Algonquin, IL

I was so anxious to finally get “the dress.” There is a quarry near my house that I’ve been dying to shoot, it has the most incredible sunsets. My model could not have been more amazing!

Cliff Ingram, Princeton, IN

Katie Murphy from Lady Fine Studios, Midland, MI

The feel for my session is a vintage classic glamour look with a touch of timeless simplicity.

Dress #2

Amanda Collette Pure Poise Photography Argonne, WI

When I opened up this dress I had no idea what it was, where it came from or how to get rid of it!! HAHAHA I did not imagine it could have been the traveling dress I had to shoot! But one of my Ambassadors and I got creative and glammed it up with the blush Ginny wings from Leah Maria Couture and hiked up the hem. A few studio shots let me bring a more editorial, hot gramma vibe to the table and then I was kinda obsessed. My model, SaraJean (sarajeanisnotmylover on IG) definitely made it work!

Sue Bruce of Finest Courtier. Lexington, MA

After great thought, I decided to shoot this with one of my Transgender clients in a vintage style that compliments the colors and tones of the dress.  I wanted to create an image that embodied peacefulness, whilst also capturing a sense of transformation, beauty and acceptance.

Travelling Dress 1.jpeg


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