November Monthly WINNERS

Nov 20, 2019

So many fantastic entries this monthly for our theme – BOUDOIR PORTRAITS, but alas, there can only be one winner (and 2 runner ups)!!!

This month our amazing judge was Jasmin Jade from Embrace Nation. She is also the one to offer her presets as a prize. You can find all of her offerings here:

So without further ado …


Micaela Zuliani
Portrait de Femme

Jasmin’s Comments: I love it. It instantly catches my eye. The composition and the way she is posed unconventionally and the way she looks into the camera is spot on.



Jessica Lopez
Allura Boudoir Photography

Jasmin’s Comments: Perfect. I love the simplicity of the pose. I get instantly drawn to her red hair and blue eyes. Everything is in focus where it should be. This is a very well executed Boudoir Portrait.



Patrick Schoerg
Boudoir Secrets

Jasmin’s Comments: I love how her hair is swept to the side of her face and her facial expression while she looks at the camera. Simple and stunning.

3rd_Patrick Schoerg.JPG

NEXT MONTH: It’s the closeout contest of the year with the “BEST OF 2019”. So get prepared. Every member gets up to 4 entries each. It’s going to be totally amazing.


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