Jul 25, 2023

We are happy to announce the June AIBP Monthly Choice Image Competition sponsored by UAF Photo Lab.

This month’s guest judge is Craig LaMere of Craig LaMere Photography & MOZ Studios.

A bit about Craig:

“I’ve been a full time professional photographer for 13 years. I’m based in Pocatello, Idaho where I run my full time studio. In those years I’ve been blessed to spend some of my time traveling the world shooting in amazing places and meeting incredible people. I have been an educator for 9 years teaching shooters my process of photography. I have been lucky enough to teach and speak at most of the major conferences in our industry as well as many of the state professional guilds. I have also been lucky enough throughout my travels to eat yummy food, drink great bourbon and have the best time ever. My greatest strength as a shooter has been coming from a place where I could not specialize in one genre. Being based in Idaho I have had to master many types of shooting, lighting, posing and post processing to be able to be a full time shooter. I take a lot of pride in my versatility and feel that’s what makes me the shooter I am.”

Craig is also a past educator at AIBP Retreats and a featured Educator with UAF Photo Lab.

And the Monthly Choice Winner is…..

Jean Tully – Adored Boudoir Photography

Congratulations to Jean Tully from Adored Boudoir Photography based in Columbus OH.

Craig comments on the winning image “I think this a great example of less is more. I really like the story telling aspects of the image. It’s simple, but powerful and harder to pull off than you might think. The artist did a great job of managing the highlights and shadows. With images like this, it’s SUPER EASY to have the highlights in the white shirt and skin overpower the image with hotspots and loose detail. The fall off in the image is nicely executed. The transitions from detail to darkness is beautifully. I also think they used depth of field in a good way to lead us to the focal point. Really nice job.”

Kara Dunn – Midnight Sun Boudoir

1st runner up goes to Kara Dunn of  Midnight Sun Boudoir based in PA.

Craig selected this image “I really like the form of this image. The use of light to highlight her shape is great. I like the way the artist used restraint in bringing the light around TOO FAR. To me, it’s in the middle of split light and rim. They were able to create mood by putting the right amount to light on the right places. I find the toning of the image beautiful. The warm pallet adds to the image. I don’t think it would be as strong if it were BW. The use of the couch to accent her form and separate her from the background is nicely done. Whether is was by design or not the way the couch is lit on each side is really perfect. Nice job.”

Heather Glenn – Elysian Bloom Boudoir

2nd runner up image is from Heather Glenn from Elysian Bloom Boudoir based in Dallas, TX.

Craig’s comments on this image. “The story telling of the image is strong here. I really like the use of light to shape her form. The artist made a really nice choice to use a softer and larger light source. The light is perfectly placed on the point of interest. The contrast in the image is awesome too. Just enough detail to see all that is going on with the chains and straps, but dark enough to create shape and mood. I like how the light is reflecting in a the metal parts of the wardrobe to give some pop. The other thing to note is the harness is perfectly fitted. A lot of times these details not noticed and take away from the overall image if it’s too tight creating an indentation or too loose and look sloppy. Nice job.”

Congratulations to the winners of the Monthly Choice Image Competition sponsored by UAF Photo Lab.  We look forward to seeing more amazing work from you and more AIBP members!

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