Sep 28, 2023

We are happy to announce the June AIBP Monthly Choice Image Competition sponsored by UAF Photo Lab.

This month’s guest judge is Nino Batista.Nino Batista, a visionary in fashion, editorial erotica and sensual portraiture, has crafted a remarkable artistic journey. Exploring and working in graphic design, music and audio production, guitar, and ultimately in 2009, Nino officially embraced photography, setting the stage for his exploration of captivating, intimate portraiture.

Nino Batista’s remarkable story embodies the transformative power of passion and dedication, and his contributions as a photographer, educator, and the visionary behind NBP Retouch Tools have left an indelible imprint on the industry, inspiring others to overcome personal obstacles and find their creative voice.

And the winner is….

Kristina Daugherty – KJBoudoir

Congratulations to Kristina Daugherty from KJBoudoir based in Chesterfield VA.

Nino’s selected this image because “This one got me at first because I could not tell where the mirror was. I knew there had to be one, but it just looked like two subjects staring at each other across the room. Once I sorted out what was going on, I especially enjoyed how the concept was treated with a serious tone. Lingerie and that mask could go very campy very fast, but it didn’t, and the overall tone here and the post production work keeping it moody and subdued, really works very well. It’s bold and borders on erotica, and that is definitely never a bad thing.”

James Graf

1st runner up is James Graf.

Nino’s comments on this image “At first I was hesitant to select this one, but it’s pure glamour, and in that regard it works so well. I like the slightly overexposed background, I like the absurdity of the outfit (yay, glamour!) And the subject face not being seen. Adds a sort of air of mystery to it, and keeps it from being cheesy (which in this scenario could have happened easily). It’s sexy and well produced, and evokes even an odd storytelling element.”


Amy Laskye – Amy May Photography

2nd runner up is Amy Laskye of Amy May Photography.

Nino’s comments on this image “I am always partial to detail shots as they usually add some intimate intensity, and I especially like the various textures going on here. I think monochrome was a great choice as well. Highlights and shadows are kept very nicely in check, and that there’s plenty of contrast but everything is very clear. Very sensual but also fine art like.”

Congratulations to the winners of the Monthly Choice Image Competition sponsored by UAF Photo Lab.  We look forward to seeing more amazing work from you and more AIBP members! Thank you so much to Nino for being out guest judge for July.  We know it’s never easy to select winning images as we have so many talented photographers.

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