Member Spotlight | Andrea Felty

Aug 14, 2019

Thank you Andrea for sharing with us!

Andrea Felty of Bombshell Boudoir
Location: Owingsville, Ky

Web Address:

Q: What did you do before becoming a photographer or if this is your part-time gig, what do you do alongside of photography?

Photography started out as a hobby for me. It really began with me learning to use a camera to take photos of my children. The passion for it began my first day of ever holding a camera. I was instantly hooked! Now, Boudoir photography is full time for me. Besides being a photographer, I’m a mother of two and a huge outdoor lover. I enjoy fishing and camping..a true country gal!

Q: What is one thing that surprises you most about this business?

When I discovered boudoir, I knew I didn’t want to do anything else. I was most surprised of the impact it had on women’s lives. It goes so much deeper than sexy photos.

Q: What is one advice you’d give to others in running your own business whether photography or something else?

Where do I begin? I learned a lot on my own. I would spend hours researching on how to do this or how to do that. I wish i could go back to day one and invest in a mentor. It would have cut out so much time. My one piece of advice is find someone who has been there and done that to help you from the get go. It will save you time and believe it or not, it will save you money.



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