January Monthly WINNERS

Jan 29, 2020

OUR FIRST CONTEST OF 2020 … and finally we have our winners.

First, many thanks to our Sponsor Vienne Milano for the fantastic prize: https://www.viennemilano.com/ – 10 pairs in any size from “The Permanent Collection” – A $200 value and an amazing prize.

Secondly let’s give a huge thanks to our Best of 2019 winner, Ore Adesina for taking the time to be our judge this month. Next month our judge will be our FIRST PLACE WINNER!!

So onto our winners for January, the theme was “It’s all about the White of Winter” and the winners are amazing.


Sue Bruce
Finest Courtier

Judge’s Comments: This image immediately caught my eye. It’s a unique point of view, showcasing her curves. It follows the rules, but I appreciated the added pops of collar with the fake green plant and the gray wall. I love seeing the contrast between her black hair and the white leather furniture, giving the image even greater visual appeal and overall I think this is beautifully captured!


Bonne Donovan
Bonne Belle Portraits Boudoir

Judge’s Comments: I really like how the subject is framed in this photo. The white curtains both frame and emphasize her body, and the body jewelry on her breasts adds another element to the portrait without being overly distracting. I also loved the pop of red on her lips, drawing you in to her face, and then down to her curves. Great job!


Amber Jones
Amber Jones Photography

Judge’s Comments: I loved the simplicity of this portrait. The light coming through the window helps emphasize the beautiful curves and lines in her body. The black and white portrait minimizes any distractions that may draw your eye away from the main subject, and the white sheets and white walls make the perfect backdrop for the subject. Lovely work!

Congratulations to all of the wonderful winners. February’s contest will start Feb 10 with the theme “Make a Statement” with images that best reflect who you are as a boudoir photographer!!! Get ready to enter.


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