AIBP Weekly Choice Winner 11/19/2021

Nov 23, 2021

We are happy to announce this week’s winner AIBP Weekly Choice Image Competition!

This week’s choices were selected by Shawn Black of Couture Black based out of Boston, MA. He has been photographing boudoir for over 8 years and recently acquired AIBP. He is looking forward to continuing to push the boudoir genre forward.

And the Weekly Choice Winner is…..

Jasiel Ramos-Delgado of Silver JRD Photography LLC.
Shawn’s comments on this image. “This is an absolutely stunning bodyscape! For me the addition of the water droplets is what takes this image over the top. The texture they create and the beautiful skin retouch take a great pose and complete it. Also the black and white conversion is superb and I don’t know if I could envision this in color.”

1st Runner up this week is Ashley Layden of Modern Muse Studio LLC based out of Oklahoma City.

Shawn’s selected this image because “This is another great tushy pose. I love the negative space created with the bend in her arms allowing the curve of her lower back to come through. The bubbles add a great texture and love of fun to the image.”

2nd Runner up this week is Renee Lee of Be.Boudoir.

Shawn’s thoughts on this image. “This is a wonderful bridal boudoir image. It is a beautiful pose, with nice asymmetry in the legs and a kill arch in her back. Nice use of the natural light with out over powering her with all the white tulle glowing.”


Congratulation to the Weekly Choice Winner, Silver JRD Photography LLC. and the 2 runner ups Modern Muse Studio LLC & Be.Boudoir. We look forward to seeing more amazing work from you and other AIBP Members.

Be sure to check back next week for another installment of Weekly Choice!

Are you interested in learning more about AIBP and how to be eligible to win a Weekly Choice? Visit our AIBP membership page to learn more.


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