AIBP Weekly Choice Winner 11/12/2021

Nov 14, 2021

We are happy to announce this week’s winner AIBP Weekly Choice Image Competition!

This week’s choices were selected by Christie Conyer, owner of Modern Muse Studio based in Oklahoma City. She is an award winning boudoir photographer and a business coach who has help countless people in their businesses.

And the Weekly Choice Winner is…..

Kristen Mckay from Kristen McKay Photo based in Bangor, ME.

Christie chose this winning image because, ”The posing and lighting are fantastic…especially the hands. They show passion without being too forced. The voyeuristic feel is spot on.”

1st Runner up this week is Melissa Robinson of Rebel Robinson based in Sarasota, FL

Christie’s thoughts on this image. “I love the motion in this! And the angle of her face and hands are perfection. Amazing high key image.”

2nd runner up go to Michelle Mateus of Mateus Studios based in Vancouver

Christie found this image to be “Simplicity done right! The creative crop of this image really caught my eye and I love the organic feel of the background. Beautiful model.”

Congratulation to the Weekly Choice Winner, Kristen McKay Photo and the 2 runner ups, Rebel Robinson & Mateus Studios. We look forward to seeing more amazing work from you and other AIBP Members.

Be sure to check back next week for another installment of Weekly Choice!

Are you interested in learning more about AIBP and how to be eligible to win a Weekly Choice? Visit our AIBP membership page to learn more.


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