AIBP Awards of Excellence 2022

Dec 29, 2022

We are thrilled to announce the AIBP 2022 Awards of Excellence. This is a prestigious opportunity to recognize the accomplishments of our industry peers and colleagues. The winners of these 3 awards have shown passion, drive and a commitment to their business and the boudoir industry as a whole. They have gone above and beyond and truly deserve to be recognized for their efforts.


A person who is an exemplary leader who displays AIBP’s values – Create, Learn, Connect


Photographer of the Year for 2022 is proudly awarded to Cate Scaglione of Life As Fine Art based in Red Bank, NJ.

Cate has been a boudoir photographer since 2010, specializing in fine art and editorial style intimate portraiture. Cate brings a wealth of knowledge, professionalism and a humbleness to AIBP and the boudoir community.  She is passionate while working with her clients which shows through in her uniquely stunning style. She is giving of her time and knowledge and genuinely loves to see others succeed. Cate is the epitome of what AIBP stands for and truly displays the community’s values.


A person that genuinely invests in the industry as a whole. They embrace the idea that we “grow together” and supports colleagues equally.

The 2022 Ambassador of Excellence is awarded to Kiati Plooksawasdi of Kiati Plooks Photography based in Maryland.

Kiati is passionate about creating beautiful art through the lens and possibly even more so about sharing his knowledge and skills with those who are lucky enough to be around him. For those who were at the AIBP Retreat in 2022, this was abundantly clear. He was eager and willing to share, assist and uplift his photography colleagues. It’s humans like Kiati who uplift AIBP and truly embrace community over competition so we can all grow together.


A person that has recently begun their career in the boudoir genre and has displayed immense growth in all aspects of their business. This is definitely “someone to watch.”

The 2022 Rising Star award goes to Andrea Liora of Andrea Liora Studios based in San Fransisco Bay Area.

At AIBP, we’ve had the pleasure of watching this photographer invest into her business and clients this year. She is constantly working to put herself out there. Keep your eye on Andrea as she will be doing big things in the boudoir community.



Congratulations to all of the winners!  They will all be receiving a beautiful engraved award, a feature in an upcoming issue of PHILOSOPHIE boudoir as well as a $500 credit to the AIBP Retreat 2023.

Are you interested in learning more about AIBP? Visit our AIBP membership page to learn more.


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