2019 AIBP Photographer Awards

Jun 16, 2020

2020 has started out as an interesting year and it keeps challenging us with heartache but also an opportunity to find growth in our business as well as within ourselves.

We would also like recognize the talent in our organization and spotlight members from our 2019 year. So proud of their growth and potential in the upcoming years. 2019….Thank you!

Shawn Black

Shawn excels in his art and his business. He is always willing to share his knowledge and has been a mentor in AIBP. He also currently holds status as CGPro’s vendor ambassador. Shawn is a photographer that actively participates in the Boston area where he resides.


Hillary West

Hillary has amazing work and it’s never boring. Her work is consistent and her clients are loving it. She’s caught our eye as a photographer to watch.

Photographer to watch.png

Peter Driessel

Peter has caught the spotlight award. His work has character in the lighting, the posing and the overall vibe.


Judy Cormier

Judy is one of our longstanding members who has put in many volunteer hours to help keep our awards program going. Thank you Judy!


DJ Hunter

DJ has been a member of AIBP for many years and has attended our retreats. He has been a significant contributor in not only his gorgeous art work but will also be a contributing member of our Advisory Board.

Excellence in Key Contributions.png

Melody Dollarhide

Melody has run our podcast and is knowledgeable in running social media. Her initiative and drive have helped AIBP in it’s growth.

Excellence in Initiative.png

Joy Bobrink

Joy is our wonderful member who brings a little support when a member is going through a tough time. Thank you Joy.

Excellence in Peer Support.png

Heather Voigt

Heather is kind and generous with her knowledge and is always willing to help out a fellow photographer in our community.

Ambassador of Excellence.png

Kim Hill

Kim runs our mentoring program which has had a huge impact on our members’ growth. We always appreciate the work she put into the organization of this.

Mentoring Directing.png

Cliff Ingram

Cliff is a storyteller. His work has helped his subjects create a story around their struggles and evolve from within. Such impact!

Profound Storytelling.png

Cate Scaglione

What would we do without Cate? Cate is kind, supportive, compassionate and loyal. She truly embodies what AIBP strives for.

Spirit of AIBP.png


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