Entering FAQ
Who can submit images?
Any photographer can submit images, however this is a boudoir image competition so the images should fall into the boudoir genre.
When is the entry period?

Entries will open on July 15th 2024 and close at  August 31st midnight PST. 

Is there a cost to enter?

Each image has an entry fee of $20 USD.  You can also select to receive a personalized image critique from one of the judges for an additional $10 per image. 

I think I may have made an error on my entry.
We understand that errors happen sometimes. Please e-mail us at [email protected] with the error you made and we will try and fix it.  As you already know, refunds are not an option.
I submitted my images and would like to change one.
Upon submission, all entries are final.
How will I find out my scores?

If you are an AIBP Member, your scores will be available in your member account after they are announced.  If you are not an AIBP Member, results will be emailed. 

Images FAQ
My photo fits in multiple categories. How do I submit it?
Almost all images will fit in multiple categories. Enter it in which one you feel it fits best that it fits the guidelines off.
How do I enter an image of someone who is Trans?
Enter the image in the category that best suits the image based on the category guidelines.  If that category is a gender based one, we suggest entering in the category they identify as, women, men, non-binary.
Are there any guideline around erotica imagary?
The AIBP Visionary Awards are specific for boudoir the genre.  We consider Erotica a separate genre and therefore images that are of sexually explicit portraiture, sexual voyeurism or highlighting genitalia (pornography), and boudoir erotica will be removed. If any of the judges deem the image non-boudoir for any reason, it will be removed from the competition.
Are there guidelines for Fine Art Nude / Bodyscapes category
Images submitted here should follow the guidelines set forth for not having sexually explicit portraiture, sexual voyeurism or highlighting genitalia (pornography), and boudoir erotica.
Will the judges see entrant's information?

Images will be submitted to the judges without the artist name or business name.  The judges will only see the title of the image.  If a judge recognizes an image that he/she has seen from an artist, they will be directed to skip judging that image. 

Questions?  Please send an email to [email protected]


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