Geekoto will be providing all of the lighting, including some surprises. Hiram will be on site on Friday and Saturday to showcase and answer any questions. 

We are photographers, designers, visual artists, and engineers. A group of misfits, nerds and geeks with one goal, to create quality products with the artist in mind. We offer a long list of items, each designed with one purpose…To let you be creative! Take control, it’s your vision we are here to help you achieve it.

 Floricolor will be on site with some samples to get your hands on and answer any questions that you have.  Also be on the lookout for swag bag stuff!

Floricolor was founded with love as a family owned business in 1979 and it’s been with that love, plus heart and soul that Floricolor has flourished into a lab that now serves professional photographers in over 25 countries and spanning over 3 continents.

Homespun Heart is a proud supporter of AIBP and offers affordable couture angel wings for your photography needs!  We offer a variety of colors, styles, and sizes of wings that are all made in the USA using cruelty free feathers from farmed South African ostriches and roosters.  Quality, durability, transportability and affordability are very important to us!

AfterShoot frees you from spending hours at your computer culling photos and gets you back doing what you love to do best; taking photos! It is an AI software that helps you by selecting the best images from a grouping of photos. AfterShoot will flag duplicate images, blinks, blurred photos, or photos with poor composition to a separate folder with a few clicks.

The art of photography can be captured in all sorts of creative ways. At UAF, we offer a myriad of products to help capture your images in timeless ways. With your clients in mind, we offer the best products to last a lifetime. From handcrafted albums, to beautiful prints and high end studio products we’ve got your covered.

Designer maternity gowns, women’s posing gowns, accessories and so much more!

Val, the owner of Sew Trendy, has sent something extra special for each of the attendees to take home. 

Laminart will be providing something extra special for each attendee and educator to commemorate the 2022 AIBP Retreat!   Can’t wait until you see!

Founded in 1990, Laminart Industries is a photographer owned printing lab providing high end wall art products exclusively to photographers. As Canada’s #1 print lab for custom, high end wall art products we have an impassioned focus on quality, customer service, and reliability. We currently collaborate with over 300 photographers globally and offer shipping worldwide. 

17hats is the Lanyard & Name tag partner. They are also offering 50% off your 1st year membership with code AIBP22

Get More Done In Less Time – Clone yourself with 17hats business CRM + Automation platform. Save now and level up your business in 2022.

Cheetah Stand is for the creator on the go. Our best in class auto collapse light stand system and quick set up modifiers are designed for photographers and videographers to spend less time with setup allowing creators to do what they do best, CREATE! As active wedding and commercial film-makers / photographers, we put our products through the test of real world situations day in and day out. We understand that our Cheetah Stand light stands and light modifiers need to work well, fast and at the next job time and time again. 

TheLawTog is giving each attendee something fabulous to help you round out and protect your business. You’ll find out what it is a little later. 

At TheLawTog we believe in empowering and protecting photographers just like you. We’ve built easy-to-use legal tools and education so you can stay focused on business and not legal issues!

Vienne Brown, owner of VienneMilano, will be providing stockings for models throughout the event. She will be with us on Saturday to discuss her line of stockings. If you haven’t experienced them before, you won’t be disappointed. 

VienneMilano is the first luxury hosiery brand dedicated to thigh high stockings. Established in 2011, VienneMilano offers a variety of colors, styles, textures, and sizes of hosiery that are all made in Italy.

Success by Design. Design + IPS Software for Professional Photographers

Fundy has sponsored something special for each attendee so you can show your AIBP pride!


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