We are the Association of International Boudoir Photographers.

Here at AIBP, we are all about raising the bar for the boudoir industry. Our professional standards create a community of talented, working photographers. This isn’t an association for hobbyists, enthusiasts and lookiloos – we are a generous and knowledgable collective of some of the best boudoir talent from all around the world.

Membership is just $15 per month, and comes loaded with great benefits from day 1. From weekly contests, blog features, daily choice images, to PHILOSOPHIE Magazine publications, tutorials, annual retreats and an outstanding and supportive community, AIBP is worth every penny.


I am in my 3rd year of membership with AIBP and counting. The members are supportive, the mentorships are invaluable, and the weekly contests are so much fun! The shared knowledge and experience base has been a huge asset to my business, not to mention the personal friendships I have developed. Hands down one of the best investments I have ever made.

Jessica Rae | Artist Jessica Rae

The association has provided me with something I've wildly missed since college: a profound sense of community. The camaraderie and support from other members has been instrumental in the back-end success of running my boudoir business. Thank you AIBP!

Ashlee Guest | Sincerely You Portraits

AIBP is a great community that has allowed me to grow in my boudoir business. Newbie and seasoned photographers alike all benefit from the conversations we have, we all seem to learn from each other. There is very little ego and drama and the bouodir community is one of the most open-minded and accepting of everyone. AIBP has shown their commitment towards caring and learning at every step and I thoroughly enjoy being a member and part of this group.

Maria Ruscitti | Boudoir by Lensflare

I love the close community that AIBP provides for boudoir photographers from many different skill levels and places around the world! It really brings everyone closer together because as photographers "we are all in this together," as Ben Sasso would say.

Zach Damberger | ZDD Photography

I love being a part of the AIBP community. It has really helped me learn and grow over the years. This solid group of people have encrouaged me, and assisted me with things I never thought I would overcome.

Julie Sawatzky | Lush and Lace Boudoir

I love AIBP because of how it is a community of like minded professionals that have a similar goal - become better photographers while elevating the industry as a whole. I know for a fact if it weren't for AIBP I wouldn't be where I am in my business today. I have grown both as an artist and business person through the shared knowledge of those in the association I now am lucky enough to call friends.

Shawn Black | Couture Black

AIBP is my safe place. I am continually blown away by the level of talent that I'm surrouneded by, but never made to feel small. I'm driven by the other members, and I'm so inspired on a daily basis from this group. I wouldn't give it up for the world!

Cayan Benjamin | Cayan Ashley Photography


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